I'm so sorry that I abandoned this account but I've been thorugh a lot with school and everything so here's one about my interests.

🐾 Tea or Coffe?

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I don't like tea, or at least the ones I've tested so is a massive coffee choice for me.

🐾 Rainy days or Stormy nights?

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I love to see them but in my country those nights are very rare.

🐾 Black&White or Colors?

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A 100% even tho that makes people think that I might be depressed or whatever.

🐾 Dragons or Mermaids?

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I was born with stories about dragons so it's not strange for me to choose this easy between them.

🐾 Drawings or Paintings?

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One of my frustrated dreams is to be good at drawing but because I'm not good at it I prefer painting.

🐾 History or Science?

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I'll study History at college so it isn't a surprise.

🐾 Dresses or Skirts?

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I'm not good wearing either of them but if I had to choose then I choose dresses.

🐾 Reading or Writing?

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I choose both because one with out the other means that reading is not doing the proper job.

🐾 Books or Movies?

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It's impossible to not choose both of them. Yes, probably the movies based of books aren't as good as the book but there are really good movies.

🐾 Werewolves or Vampires?

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I prefer to be a vampire than a werewolf.

🐾 Early bird or Night Owl?

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The moon is my best friend.

🐾 Piercings or Tattoos?

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I actually want a nose piercing.

🐾 Chocolate or Vanilla?

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I don't like chocolate. I know I'm a rare individual I heart it all the time.

🐾 Kids or Pets?

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I just. It's not fair to make them compete.

🐾 Introvert or Extrovert?

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When I was younger I hated this side of me but now that I'm 'older' I realised that it's a kind of gift.

🐾 Fire or Ice?

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It's my nature element.

🐾 Hugs or Kisses?

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They express so many things without saying or doing anything else.

🐾 City or Countryside?

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I love that enviroment but I don't know, for now I prefer the countryside.

🐾 Cake or Pie?

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I'm not a huge fan of sweet food but I prefer cake.

🐾 Silver or Gold?

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Not much to say. I love that color theme.

🐾 Pop or Rock?

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I love both but pop is my genre.

🐾 Dancing or Singing?

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This is a mix.

🐾 Time travel or Space travel?

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I prefer time travel but that doesn't mean I don't want to go to space.
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