Eight years ago today it was raining. Slightly more cloudy, probably colder and raining.

I was woken up at about six o'clock by my dad, expecting him to tell me that I had to get up to get ready for school, in which I was in the seventh grade. Instead, he told me that my brother's girlfriend had gone into labor at around four in the morning and that they were at the hospital now. I quickly got out of bed and ran to my parents' room to confirm with my mom, which is when she told me that the plan was for her to go to the hospital as soon as she was ready and my dad would take my sister and I not too long after.

My niece would be born today. The long awaited day that I'd get to meet her. I had been telling my best friend about how she could come any day and that everytime the phone rang in one of my classes , I'd think 'that could be for me' 'she could come today.'

I got dressed in a pair of jeans, a multicolor v-neck with felt feathers around the neck (don't remind me), a sweatshirt that I don't remember, and a pair of fake tan Ugg boots. Once I was ready, I sat patiently on the couch until it was time to leave. Something I'd do a lot of that day. We went to the hospital, soon enough, and sat in the waiting room.

And sat and sat and sat. Changing seats, changing positions, reading magazines (and this was before I had a phone so you can imagine my boredom {I was actually supposed to get my first phone on her birthday but the universe had other plans.}) It was a long day of sitting and waiting. My dad made trips to Taco Bell and Carl's Jr (I think), we took a lap around the hospital to the cafeteria, we even went back to the room they were in early on in the day, and my sister and I periodically walked up and down the hall (and got yelled at by a nurse when we ran).

Then at seven-o-five, twelve hours after we got there, my sister and I walked up the hallway again for my brother to come out and tell us that she had just been born. Excited and filled with good news, we took off down the hallway one last time, barreling toward the waiting room, we shouted, "she's here! She's here!" We walked outside the doors, where my brother's girlfriend's grandmother sat on the phone with her mom and told her. We were the bearers of good news.

The next day at school, I met with my best friend that morning as we both got there. Walking toward each other, she gave me a questioning look like, "well?" She had assumed that I missed the day before because my niece was born and I nodded, going on to tell her all about the day I had had.

That next day after school, we went back to the hospital to see her and that was when I got to hold her for the first time. Over the course of the rest of the time they lived with us, it was really cool to see a baby around and be able to remember it. I remember the first pictures that were taken of her, when she first crawled, rolled over, sat up on her own.

I remember one week, specifically, that I'd asked to hold her almost everyday, but there had never been a good time. So one night before I went to bed, my dad was holding her and he made sure that I got to too after waiting for the past few days. He gave her to me and I sat on the couch holding her before I went to bed.

Writing this has made me feel incredibly nostalgic, which I wasn't expecting. It's so weird to remember small details I haven't thought about in years when they all come rushing back. Unfortunately, i won't get to see her today, but I'm thinking of her and sending her love, wishing her nothing but joy today and everyday.

To my little niece, who's not as little as she used to be, happy birthday!

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading! xx