You have to live without me. Please try to forget me. I know it is hard to do it. ~Andjeli. R

grunge, wallpaper, and aesthetic image

With this I do not only hurt you, but also myself, maybe myself more. I do not do this without a reason in case you think: What kind of reason is this?

You were the first person who shows me that someone cared about me and loved me. Those feelings felt good, but they weren`t good enough to change my thoughts.
Nobody can love a girl like me.I am different. Was I the girl who became completely happy when she knew that someone loved her, was I the girl who saw the positive in everything, or was I the girl that everyone looked up to. I know that perfection doesn`t exist, but we all still believe in it. How can I tell that no one can love me?

I know my future, if I still have it.