Hello lovelies,
today I'll be writing my first ~ Autumn ~ themed article of the season! I'll try to write 2-3 a week, but I've been super busy with school, so I'll try my best. Anyway, read on for my "October Playlist." ♡

—The Playlist

"A playlist to listen to while sipping coffee/tea, reading a book, or just sitting outside watching the leaves change."
autumn, book, and candle image

↪ Autumn Town Leaves
by: Iron & Wine

↪ Sunlit Juice
by: Henry Jamison

↪ Back to Autumn
by: Tall Heights

↪ Soundwaves of Gold
by: The Daydream Club

↪ Black Leaf
by: John Paul White

↪ Old Friend
by: Darlingside

↪ Shrike
by: Hozier

↪ Chemicals
by: Gregory Alan Isakov

↪ Dirty Old Town
by: Craig Cardiff

↪ Bloom- Bonus Track
by: The Paper Kites

↪ Dirty Paws
by: Of Monsters and Men

↪ Spirit Cold
by: Tall Heights

↪ Little Talks
by: Of Monsters and Men

↪ Old Pine
by: Ben Howard

↪ Shame
by: Ciaran Lavery

↪ Even the Darkness Has Arms
by: The Barr Brothers

↪ Sweetest Thing
by: Allman Brown

↪ Bees
by: The Ballroom Thieves


And that's it! Thank you guys for reading. The link to this playlist is https://open.spotify.com/user/coulthardkirstenn/playlist/5GEvDbi6TEw0gV8B1VX3y2?si=95LtYnYtTU-6byxXQLw0wg if you'd like to just listen to it on Spotify.

Have a lovely morning, evening, or night,
- Kirsten ♡


Quote of the Day:

October is about trees revealing colors they've hidden all year.
People have an October as well.
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