I have never really written an article on any member's birthday. But today, I have alot to say to Yixing eventhough he'll never read this......

Happy Birthday to China's King! Yixing, you're literally the sweetest angel sent from Heaven. No matter how much we love you, it still ain't enough. You deserve all the love & happiness in this world! May you always shine the brightest! Thank you for being our inspiration, for sharing your beautiful music with us, for working hard & especially for not giving up when it was so hard on you. You've been giving us the best present, your music, on your birthday since last 2 years. Thank you for trusting us! This time too, lets kill it with NAMANANA!

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that smile and dimple

Honestly, I cant imagine an EXO without you. Rather, there's no EXO without Lay. My greatest wish for you on your birthday is to stay together with your brothers forever! May you get to stand on the same stage with your brothers VERY SOON!

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Thank you for being EXO's LAY. Thank you for staying & making OT9 comeback possible! Know that EXO-Ls will always be by your side and protect you ♡

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" When the tiring days come,
Remember babe the beautiful us "

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-By hithisisyam @ WHI