~This article was inspired by:


{Name} ~ Angelina

{Age} ~ 18 years old


Deep blue ocean eyes ,brown to caramel hair average height and weight

Image removed fashion, style, and accessories image amazing, art, and black image earrings, art, and black and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful, photo, and blue image

{Style} ~ Beautiful and Comfy

fashion and style image fashion, style, and girl image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative, beige, and indie image fashion, girl, and beautiful image fashion, vans, and style image

{Pet best friend} ~ Those cuties

cat, cute, and animal image dog, beach, and animal image

{Crown} ~

crown, gold, and book image


quotes, stars, and book image john green and quote image
Positive, help giving, friendly, a little shy, beautiful voice ,reader , dreamer


architecture, travel, and places image beach and nature image photography, black and white, and girl image blue, city, and melancholia image


Thank you all for reading my article! Have a nice and happy day/night!