T H A N K U, N E X T 🛸
Ariana Grande has recently started working on her 5th studio album. On October 4th, she posted a snippet on Instagram of a song named needy, that will be on the new album.
needy, new album, and studio image
tell me how good it feels to be needed
It is also rumored that Ariana will be doing one tour for both Sweetener and Thank U, Next.
On October 9th, @/sweetenerera* on Instagram posted the following:
2019, black and white, and tour image
The account posted one originally in color.
On November 3rd, Ariana released her lead single, thank u, next. It is also the name of the album.
b&w, ariana, and grande image
On November 7th, Ariana posted the breathin music video. In the music video, it contained a track list of Thank U, Next.
imagine, needy, and ariana image make up, nasa, and remember image
both edited and unedited versions
black and white, style, and ariana grande image ariana grande image
*The account (@/sweetenerera on Instagram) is a very RELIABLE source.
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