iu: for you futur concerts we want to be the first ones to enter
au: exactly and to be the nearest possible to you
jk+tae: of course
jk: what are you going to do after lunch?
tae: maybe a walk with yeontan

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they go to the park, then they all return home

au: I have to prepare for tomorrow...
tae: me too... and I think that from this week I won't be at school all the day, but we'll walk together to the school in the morning right?
au: of course

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they stay ike this for some times

au: I won't let you go!
tae: me too!
au: I think we have to go...
tae: I know...

in the morning tae knocks on her door
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tae: heyy beutie I'm so happy to see you
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au: heyy let's go!! we're late

tae: I'll taker your bag
au: you're so kind

they take a crowded bus but tae doesn't stop holding her hand
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then tae finds a seat and audrey sits on him looking out the window
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tae: oh it's raining

au: ah I don't have an umbrella
tae: me too

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au+tae: two idiots hahahaha
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they look at the raining seoul
they get out of the bus

tae: take my jacket
au: no! you'll get wet!

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tae: it doesn't matter if it's for you I love the rain :)
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au* look at him he's fantastic
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au *he's adorable
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tae: it feels so good!! come too dree!!!
he runs under the rain and audrey after watching him covers also him with his jacket and they kiss under it
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to be continued...