i think it may be the death of me.
the past
it clings
on right here, around my chest.
"why can't i just go back?"
i'll never be 16 again.
i'll never be who i was.
nostalgia is rotting my brain.

I feel like i wasted my youth
never knowing what i had
and now its just too late.
all of those things i never said."I love you" "i hate you"
I wish i'd never met you
nostalgia my old friend.

i think i was too hard back then
i cant let go.
my mind won let it end
i'm not 16
ill never be so young again.
so maybe i'll just pretend

i was so paralyzed
i was free
i was fine but
i wanted to die.
i never knew how to be me
now that i think about it.
my youth was useless
wasted on me.

nostalgia's a pleasant remembrance
if this is it
oh this is it
then let this be the death of it.

Its twisted that i think i've changed.

Image by h e a v e n l y