Hello everybody, I am finally getting back at my writing game as exams are finally over for me and i'm already a week into my 7th semester at uni. I'm planning on posting once or twice a week, depending on how busy I am, so make sure to send me any article requests!
Today i'd like to share with you all the little and big ways i like to prepare and organize myself and space for the new semester. I'm really into fresh starts, new resolutions etc., so it's quite an exciting period for me (You know, before never ending papers, scary nerve racking deadlines and other university fun stuff begins) .

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Before The Start Of The Semester

Usually i have at least 2-3 days of rest before my new semester starts in October, so once i have the time i like to go on my uni's website and check out the classes i'll be attending. Have a look at the overview, the teachers, or any other information available. Have a look at your schedule and print any necessary content. This way you'll get an idea of what's probably taught in the class and the effort you'll possibly need to succeed in it.

The next thing i love to do is cleaning up my entire study space and storage. Taking care of older notes and books, organizing previous semesters' stuff, making sure i have basic supplies.

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During The First Week

The first week of my new semester is usually a transitional one. I attend all my classes, get registered where needed, write down all the supplies i'll need such as notebooks, pens, loose paper, all depending on the class and the teachers' suggestions. Most of my teachers upload all the necessary material online, which is super helpful and easy to access or print.

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The First Weekend

I'm actually on the first weekend after starting my semester as i'm writing this. I bought all the supplies i decided i'll be needing for my classes and i'm almost fully ready for everything. Now for the fun part, i get to organize everything (again) and start working. I also suggest transferring your schedule to your preferred method of planning. Whether you use a planner, bullet journal or you're more of a Google Calendar type (or both, like me) , it's very helpful to visualize your everyday schedule, not only to never miss a class or deadline, but also to get more done in your day.

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So that's pretty much it for now. I'm quite excited for this semester and i can't wait to see what it brings up. Hope my motivation is as strong as now until the end of it... (LOL)

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Let me know if you'd like to know more details or how i deal with my engineering studies in a detailed article or Q&A. I hope this helped you out and gave you some fresh start inspiration! If you liked this make sure to check out my article collection so that you don't miss any of the articles coming ahead :

See ya soon,