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Why should I learn sign language?
The benefits of learning sign language are mostly the same as learning any other language: you can increase your general knowledge, you can communicate with Deaf people, which means you can help them and you can make friends with them. The difference between the sign language and other languages is that people who can understand and communicate through the sign language are very rare and it is mostly an international language (mostly).

Deaf persons sometimes struggle on communicating and so on finding a good education, a job or even friends. Learning sign language will help the hearer community and the Deaf unite. You never know when you will need it: you don't know when a deaf client will come to your store, or a deaf patient at the clinic, a deaf student at school, etc. Also, you don't know if one of your familiars turns deaf someday.

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The sign language is not international, as a lot of people think,but at least the alphabet is. By knowing the alphabet you can already communicate with Deaf people. It will be slow and a little tedious for them as it is like talking letter by letter. But still this is better than knowing nothing!
Ex. H-E-L-L-O, F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

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here is the alphabet for you to learn!

Even though every country has its own sign language, learning different signs is better than nothing! Look for sign language classes near you, ask in college or through internet. Make sure you know which sign language you are learning.

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Now here are some facts you need to know about sign language:

*There are five levels of deafness: normal hearing, mild deafness, moderate deafness, severe deafness, and deep deafness.

*Screaming or talking loud to the Deaf is not only unnecessary but it could also be considered an offense to some.

*Deaf (with capital letter) refers to the community, while deaf (lower case) refers to the condition.

*Only 30% of the Deaf community are capable to read lips.

*A very more small percent of people with deep deafness can talk by feeling the vibrations of the throat.

*The facial expressions while using sign language are very important.

*Deaf people can name you through a sign or make a unique sign to refer to you.

*Signs made in the upper half of the face always refer to male while the lower half of the face always refers to female.
Ex. your open hand, the thumb in your forehead refers to "dad" while your open hand, the thumb in your chin refers to "mom".

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I am still learning this kind of communication but still if you are interested in learning a little more you can send me a postcard and I'll respond! Thank you fore reading and don't forget on keeping educating yourself!

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with love,
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