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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you a different article of what I custom to do and different from what I usually read here in We Heart It. I bring you a haul, which is divided into 3 categories: fashion, beauty and random products! But this is not just a normal haul. It's a haul headed for the new season, Autumn! Hope you like it! Thanks for 4.5k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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1. Mom Jeans

adidas, autumn, and blue image chanel, fashion, and jeans image
  • I bought 2 pairs of mom jeans, I'm honest, they are the most comfortable pants out there because they are not super tight, but they look super good on the body. I bought them in the pull & bear.

2. Pants

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, shoes, and style image
  • I wanted to change a lot, so I decided to bet on this type of pants, they are similar to these and they are so comfortable !! Apart from being comfortable, I think they are very aesthetic. I bought them at Lefties.

3. Random T-shirts

fashion, outfit, and style image
  • I bought several random t-shirts, some with beautiful sentences, one with snow white hahah and other basic ones.

4. Sweaters

outfit, fashion, and clothes image autumn, blankets, and clothing image
  • Sweaters are never too much, and they are so comfortable to wear, especially on those days of autumn, which is very cold, but we have to go to school. I bought 3 in pull & bear, bershka and zara.

4. Scarfs

autumn and pullover image winter, sweater, and christmas image
  • I guess I don't need to say anything, they're hot and cuddly haha.


Image removed Image removed
  • I bought one of these from Zara, and they are so beautiful they're so hot! It makes you want to sleep with him.


  • I didn't buy many make-up things, because now I'm more focused on keeping the skin clean and moisturized, but I couldn't pass the make-up on.
  • Gloss, L'oreal by Camila Cabello
summer, l'oreal, and collection image belleza, colores, and maquillaje image
  • Palette Makeup Revolution by Soph X
mac, makeup, and pretty image


1. Candles

  • I could not make an autumn haul without adding the candles. I bought the candles in primark.
candle, autumn, and fall image autumn, candles, and christmas image

2. Lights

aesthetic, autumn, and autumnal image lights, paisaje, and photography image
  • The lights give such a cozy air to the room and I bought them for 1 EURO, in the primark.

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