I miss you.
You probably don’t know what it feels like to miss someone.
You always seem to turn off your emotions and live your life.
I wish, I could do the same.
My heart feels empty, it is this weird anxiety, going through my body.
I hate knowing, that you never think of me.
I hate knowing, that you feel better with those people, than with me.
I hate knowing, that you don’t care about me.
I hate so many things about this, but I still love you.
My heart is broken to million pieces, but I can’t put them back together ever.
I wanna see you.
I wanna hug you.
I wanna be with you.
I’m scared of you leaving me…It happened before.
I left you.
I broke your heart.
But I was the one made for begging you, stay.
I want you back, I want something more, but I’m so afraid.
The fear is stronger than anything.
I was broken so many times, but I kept coming back.
I miss you.