Day 20: Bucket List

Day 20 of the 30 day writing challenge and we will discus a few items on my never ending bucket list. I don't have much to say on each topic, so I will just be listing the items on the bucket list rather than rambling about how much I want to do them. We all know I want to travel the world and will ramble about it, saying the same thing over and over in different ways. So, I will cut the crap and get to the point in this one.

So, without further ado...

My Bucket List

snow, winter, and tree image landscape, photography, and town image
1) Experience a truly White Christmas
orlando, Walt Disney World, and main street image Image removed
2) Go to Disney World and Universal Studios
aesthetic, artist, and beautiful image Image removed
3) Get a tattoo
coachella, fashion, and festival image lalapalooza image
4) Attend Music Festivals (i can make a list)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, city, and dog image
5) Adopt a dog
route 66 and vintage image places, route 66, and usa image
6) Drive the entirety of Route 66
broadway, lights, and new york image background, banner, and broadway image
7) See a Broadway Show
hair image colored hair and blie hair image
8) Dye my Hair
helicopter, luxury, and beach image travel image
9) Ride in a Helicopter
Image removed bad boy, bad guy, and black hair image concert, quotes, and tour image aesthetic, artist, and blue image post malone image Image removed
10) Attend Concerts (again i have a LIST )

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