Hello,so today I am going to write article about fashion.Hope you like it.Each look includes top,bottom,jacket,shoes and accessories.

Aries 🌹 March 21- April 19

October Casual

fashion, style, and jeans image jeans, aesthetic, and style image fashion, jeans, and jacket image jeans, clothes, and converse image fashion, jeans, and bag image nails image

1:Cozy maroon sweater,2:Denim jeans,3:Denim warm jacket,4:Maroon Converse,5:Black Chanel bag,6:Silver rings.

Spooky Glamorous

cindy kimberly, red, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It addicted, trendy, and bag image clothes and style image

1:Red dress,2:Red heels,3:Red purse,4:Silver rings and red nails.

Taurus 🔥 April 20 - 20 May

October casual

fashion, outfit, and style image brown, fall, and fashion image shoes, fashion, and black image Image removed

1:Black turtleneck sweater,2:Skirt,3:Coat,4:Black heel boots,5:Black backpack.

Spooky glamorous

dress and black image shoes, black, and fashion image crown, diamond, and Queen image piercing, septum, and lips image

1:Short black dress,2:Black heels,3:Diamond crown,4:Nose piercing.

Gemini 🕸 May 21- June 20

October casual

fashion, style, and outfit image style, clothing, and fashion image vans, shoes, and rose image blonde, blogger, and braid image Image removed rings, style, and accessories image

1:White top,2:Black ripped jeans,3:Rose vans,4:Maroon jacket,5:Maroon purse,6:Silver rings.

Spooky glamorous

style, dress, and fashion image boots, goth, and heels image pearls and necklace image earings image

1:Short black dress,2:Black boots,3:Pearls,4:Skeleton earrings.

Cancer 🐝 June 21- July 22

October casual

sweater, sweatshirt, and yellow image Image removed Image removed casual, clothes, and clothing image piercing, earrings, and accessories image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image

1:Yellow Adidas sweater,2:Black jeans,3:Adidas Superstar shoes,4:Black denim jacket,5:Cute earrings,6:Yellow Kanken.

Spooky glamorous

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed grunge, clothes, and dark image chain, grunge, and aesthetic image

1:Black top,2:Black leather skirt,3:Black leather heel boots,4:Lots of necklaces and chokers.

Leo 🦁 July 23- August 22

October casual

fashion, girl, and hairstyle image fashion, style, and adidas image Fila and shoes image adidas, black, and fashion image choker, luxury, and Nude image piercing, earrings, and accessories image

1:Black top,2:Black and red Adidas sweatpants,3:Fila sneakers,4:Adidas jaket,5:Extra chokers,6:Earrings.

Spooky glamorous

Image removed Image removed black, accessories, and bag image alternative, aesthetic, and goth image

1:Black dress,2:Heels,3:Chanel purse,4:Lots of chokers and necklaces.

Virgo 🕷 August 23- Septemper 22

October casual

fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, outfit, and bag image aesthetic, autumn, and clothes image black, boots, and girly image Givenchy, bag, and white image fashion, moon, and stars image

1:Black top,2:White bottom,3:Coat,4:Black heel boots,5:Givenchy bag,6:Moon and star earrings.

Spooky glamorous

black dress, short dress, and style image Image by laurenbeauty aesthetic, black, and choker image earrings, fashion, and style image

1:Black dress,2:Yves Saint Laurent heels,3:Chokers,4:Earrings.

Libra 🦇 september 23- October 22

red, theme, and tumblr image jeans, aesthetic, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Image by madeline.boca Image removed

1:Red top,2:Denim jeans,3:Vans,4:Cozy jacket,5:Saint Laurent purse,6:Black watch.

Spooky glamorous

Image removed aesthetic, black, and fashion image grunge, goth, and skull image bag, black, and gucci image

1:Maroon dress,2:Black leather heel boots,3:Skull rings,4:Black purse.

Scorpio 🦂 October 23-November 22

October casual

Image removed Image by cassi (ʚĭɞ) Inspiring Image on We Heart It clothes, clothing, and fashion image diamond, diamonds, and jewelry image fashion, bag, and nails image

1:Black long sleeve sweater,2:Tommy Jeans,3:Rose heel boots,4:Nike jacket,5:Rings,6:Saint Laurent bag.

Spooky glamorous

black, fashion, and grunge image Temporarily removed Image by *Old* black, fashion, and Burberry image glasses, nails, and aesthetic image jewelry, luxury, and diamonds image

1:Black top,2:Black jeans,3:Heels,4:Burberry Black fur coat,5:Diamond sunglasses,6:Rings.

Sagittarius 🏹 November 22-December 22

October casual

red, girl, and fashion image black, blue, and clothes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed

1:Red sweater,2:Dark blue jeans,3:Boots,4:Coat,5:Necklace,6:Dark brown bag.

Spooky glamorous

Temporarily removed aesthetic, fashion, and silver image details image Image by n a t h a l i e

1:Black dress,2:Silver heel boots,3:Choker,4:Earrings.

Capricorn 💣 December 22-January 20

October casual

accessories, aesthetic, and diamonds image fashion, black, and jeans image Image removed Image removed Image by ♛𝒩𝒜ℛℐℳℰ𝒩♛ bracelet, bright, and happy image

1:Chanel top,2:Black jeans,3:Black coat,4:Mini backpack,5:Earrings,6:Diamond bracelet.

Spooky glamorous

Image by Baby Troye arabic, dress, and makeup image snake, diamonds, and jewelry image Prada, fashion, and bag image

1:Black dress,2:Black and gold snake heels,3:Snake bracelet,4:Prada purse.

Aquarius ✨ January 20- February 18

October casual

fashion, outfit, and style image b&w, black, and blackandwhite image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed

1:Gray sweater,2:White pants with black stripes,3:Nike air,4:Gray Dior bag.

Spooky glamorous

fashion, style, and black image Image by HEBZ EDIT bracelet, luxury, and snake image gucci, bag, and fashion image

1:Red and black dress,2:heels,3:Snake bracelet,4:Red and black backpack.

Pisces 🦈 February 18- March 20

October casual

autumn, fall, and style image aesthetic, fashion, and minimal image Inspiring Image on We Heart It alien, grunge, and green image accessories, earrings, and vibes image Image by ♛Tahmina♛

1:Sweater,2:Black jeans,3:Green Vans,4:Alien backpack,5:Earrings,6:Necklaces.

Spooky glamorous

dress, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image Image removed necklace, fashion, and accessories image

1:Red dress,2:Red heels,3:Red purse,4:Gold necklace.

Thats it for this article.