hello to my fellow twenty one pilots fans!! yesterday was a day we waited for, for THREE AND A HALF YEars. they finally released their new album called Trench. this article is about my opinion on this new album. (i did one about troye's new album not too long ago)

please listen to the album while reading this (and listen to it when not reading it #streamtrenchbytwentyonepilots :))



twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image
"i can't believe how much i hate. pressures of a new place roll my way. jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me."

first song i heard when it released. i have to say i was kind of confused because it sounded really different compared to blurryface. and it took me a while to really like this song and to like let this new sound in but now i'm totally here for it!!


twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image arms and picture image
"oh, i know how to levitate up off my feet. and ever since the seventh grade i learned to fire-breathe. and though i feed on things that fell. you can learn to levitate with just a little help."

first of all, i love how the end of jumpsuit and the beginning of levitate fit like it's one song. buttt i admit this is not my favorite song only because i don't know the whole lyrics lmao. i bet if i could sing all of it i would like it much better. gotta start learning it


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"if i keep moving, they won't know. i'll morph to someone else. what they throw at me's too slow. i'll morph to someone else."

yes yES YES, this song is complete. i love the sound of this song and the intrumental parts hell yes i love all of it!! also whEN HE SAYS "JOSH DUN" AT 3:43 GOT ME DEAD

my blood

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"when everyone you thought you knew deserts your fight, i'll go with you. you're facin' down a dark hall, i'll grab my light and go with you."

the second i heard this song i loved it already. i've listened to this song so many times and it just doesn't bore me, especially the chorus when tyler sings with this high voice man i fucking lOve that. can't wait to hear this live!


aesthetic, purple, and grunge image black, rose, and flowers image
"sippin' on straight chlorine, let the vibe slide over me. this beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical. when i leave don't save my seat, i'll be back when it's all complete."

yess this is such a good song to sing along to!! my head bops automatically to the beat lol. also the bridge sounds really good but tbh i don't know if it really fits the rest of the song.


aesthetic, background, and top image green, jenna, and josh image
"for you, i'd go step to a dude much bigger than me. for you, i know i would get messed up, weigh 153. for you i would get beat to smithereens."

aaahh this song is actually really sweet, i love it. "you know I had to do one on the record for her like this" shit that's so cute!! this is like tear in my heart 2.0

neon gravestones

blue, aesthetic, and neon image background, black, and bones image
"promise me this. if i lose to myself, you won't mourn a day and you'll move onto someone else."

such a beautiful written song, gives me strong selftitled album vibes. this chills me, it's so depressing i love that.

the hype

twenty one pilots, josh dun, and jordan dun image city, futuristic, and ghost in the shell image
"nice to know my kind will be on my side. i don't believe the hype. and you know you're a terrible sight. but you'll be just fine. just don't believe the hype."


nico and the niners

era, josh, and jumpsuit image Image removed
"i'm so high, my jumpsuit takes me so high. i'm flying from a fire, from nico and the niners."

i know all the words to this one :)) liked this song immediately and have been listening to this a lot since it came out!!

cut my lip

Jason Statham, twenty one pilots, and tyler joseph image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"rust around the rim, drink it anyway. i cut my lip. isn't what i want, blood is on my tongue. i cut my lip."

omg yessss this is what i've been waiting for!!! screaming this song at the top of my lungs :)) love the sound of tylers voice and the instrumentals, one of my favs!!


orange, trench, and warm image twenty one pilots and tyler joseph image
"i could take the high road, but i know that i'm going low. i'm a ban-i'm a bandito."

holy. shit. this sounds so fucking good!!!!!!!!!!! shit everything about this song is perfect, it fits man. tylers voice, the beat, the instrumentals, oh the instrumentals had me shook. defenitely one of my favorites damn. idk what to say this song had me shook.

pet cheetah

b&w, cheetah, and gif image night, pet, and mooun image
"no, i move slow. i want to stop time. i'll sit here 'til i find the problem."

"i've got a pet cheetah down in my basement. i've raised him, and bathed him and named him jason statham" this made me laugh hahaha. pet cheetah, cheetah. pet cheetah, cheetah. pet cheetah, cheetah. i really like this song because i have no idea what it is about, i can only imagine tyler bathing a cheetah named jason. lol


twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and top image breakfast, coffee, and croissant image
"alright. you're a legend in my own mind, my middle name, my goodbye."

this song sounds happy but the meaning is actually very sad it's about the passing of tylers grandfather. "i'm sorry i did not visit. did not know how to take it. when your eyes did not know me, like i know you." such a beautiful song with a deep meaning

leave the city

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"in time, i will leave the city. for now, i will stay alive."

oh my god. jesus this song is so beautiful. tylers voice adjcpgnokpd. his vocals tho oh my god yes yes yes yes yes damnit i love this one.

this album is muuuuuch better than my expectations bc it'd be hard to make a better album than they already have. but shit they fucking did it. i love this band, this album was worth the looong wait. my favorites are bandito, leave the city, cut my lip and legend!! i can't wait to hear this live (i'm seeing them next year & i'm so excited yyeess) i've seen them in 2016 and tbh it was, and still is, the best concert i've been to (that says a lOt) this band deserves everything!! what a masterpiece this is. ||-//

thanks for reading,
love, billie
---- now go & stream trench!!!