Hello everyone! Harry made his acting debut last year on June 21st with Dunkirk, a movie which was nominee for eight Academy Awards (oscars) and won three of them:

➩ Best Film Editing.
➩ Best Sound Mixing.
➩ Best Sound Editing.

Dunkirk's interesting because there's a detail that caught everyone's attention: the few dialogues.

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Nolan says he wanted to do something different, not look for the emotion through the dialogues, so in that way the characters' emotions and the action are the ones that tell us what's happening in the scene.

All the credits go to @hsfloyd on twitter:


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  • “what’s wrong with your friend?”
  • “you can’t leave us! make some room!”
  • “calm? wait till you get torpedoed then tell us to be calm!”
  • “hey!...hey! highlanders?!...highlanders?!”
  • “what’s that way?”
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  • “she’s grounded.”
  • “where’s the crew?”
  • “why?”
  • “how long’s that?”
  • “poke your head out, see if the water comes in.”
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  • “talkative sod, aren’t ya?”
  • “for fucks sake!”
  • “yeah but ‘ow long?”
  • “kraut?”
  • “are you german?”
  • “why’d you leave your boat?”
  • “hours? why’d you come back?”
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  • “we have to plug it!”
  • “how do we get off? do we need to ditch some ballast?”
  • “weight! we need to lose weight!”
  • “somebody needs to get off”
  • “we don’t need a volunteer. i know someone who ought to get off”
  • “this one. hes a german spy”
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  • “he’s a bloody jerry! have you not noticed that he hasn’t said a word, cause i have. he doesn’t speak english -or if he does it’s with an accent thicker than sauerkraut sauce."
  • “yeah, tell me.”
  • “tell me... gibson”
  • “tEll mE”
  • “a frog. a bloody frog! a cowardly li’le queue- jumping frog..”
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  • “who’s gibson, eh? a naked dead englishman lying out on that sand. or did you at least have the decency to bury him”
  • “maybe he killed him.”
  • “how do we know?”
  • “and we know who’s getting off”
  • “go on..up you go!!”
  • “be’er him than me.”
  • “survival’s not fair”
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  • “somebody’s gotta get off..so the rest of us can live- do you want to volunteer?”
  • “then this is the price”
  • “we’re regimental brothers, mate — just the way it is.”
  • “we’re off!
  • “he’s dead mate.”
  • “all we did is survive.”
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  • “that old bloke wouldn’t even look us in the eye”
  • “hey!? where are we?!”
  • “what station?”
  • “grab me one of them papers—go on!”
  • “i can’t bear it. you read it.”
  • “they’ll be spitting at us in the streets. they’re not locked up waiting for the invasion”
  • “i can’t look”
  • “what?”
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As we know, this movie is REALLY amazing and of course the fandom's still really proud of Harry.

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