helloooooo, sorry again for not writing for days but it was super busy with university starting and me moving. Anywho, today i wanted to share the dance choreographies lately i am obsessed with. Most of them are from a dance studio called 1MILLION Dance Studio. The choreographies and the dances are incredible, you will love it too. And here are my favorites, here we go;

The Greatest - Lia Kim Choreography

The choreography, its harmony with the song, Lia Kim, everything about this dance is incredible!

Uptown Funk - Junsun Yoo Chareography

This was the very first video i watched from this studio, it is insanely good. You will fall in love, i assure you.

The Middle - Junsun Yoo Choreography

Again Junsun Yoo again perfection. Amazing, incredible, i really can't say enough.

There's Nothing Holding Me Back - Jun Liu Choreography


How Long - Eunho Kim Choreography

Chandelier - Lia Kim Choreography

Thunder - Lia Kim Chareography

Plus: 2NE1 - Come Back Home

And here are the queens, okay well i don't think any girl group can ever reach their level, they don't have to tho they were one and unique.

Well, it was an interesting ending, since 2ne1 actually made me love dance so. And they were incredible at it, remember minzy, perfect.

Btw, don't mind me putting any bts dance videos here coz you know i would have to put almost all.

gif, bts, and jungkook image
Okkeyy, good bye for todayy