Hey darlings, Sofie here!♡
Today I am back with the second part of my three-part series ‘Autumn Lookbook’!
In the last article, we covered the start of autumn;
Today, we will be covering the middle of it. As it is October, you might feel a bit more festive & want to show that through your clothing. Maybe you need some inspiration? Well, no matter what it is; I’ve got you covered!
Last article focused on incorporating the summer items into autumn, but this article will start incorporating the new autumn trends, with some classics we all love!♡
So without further ado, let’s get started

Animal print

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A thing people go wild for in autumn/winter? Animal print! Be bold & wear a leopard shirt, maybe a cheetah one? Pair your wild shirt or skirt, with a neutral black or dark blue, so the focus can be on the print. If you choose black, pair them with some nice boots, in a dark brown/burgundy colour or keep them black.


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_Plaid skirts are such an easy item to pair with things. If I don't know what to pair with my shirt, I'll wear a plaid skirt. If I don't know what to wear; I'll wear a plaid skirt. If I want to look prepared for school even though I would rather sleep? I'll wear a plaid skirt!♡ Pair your skirt with some tights or knee high socks (maybe even both, if your tights are flesh coloured), throw on a knitted or ribbed, tight fitting sweater & your ready to go. For boots, wear some ankle boots oooor you could wear some ..._

Under the knee boots

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Under the knee boots are making their way into our closets! & I honestly love it. The trend over-the-knee-boots really weren't my taste, but by having them hit just below the knee is honestly a trend I am crushing on so hard. It's easy to style, truly! Pair them with some well-fitted trousers, no flared or boyfriend jeans here, & a big chunky sweater. You could also pair it with a cute skirt & shirt. The options are endless! If you can't let go of your beloved boyfriend jeans, try wearing them over the boots, so they can't be seen. It takes away some of the jazz of being on trend, but it's your decision!

A pop of colour

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A pop of colour is essential for this upcoming autumn! It's not necessary to be limited to brown/beige/tan/navy colours, but now you can have fun too! Both vibrant & moody colours are welcome!
Psst, if you want a heads up on the colours this autumn, check out this article;


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Sweaters are essential for the autumn/winter period. It's so easy to pair. Pair your chunky sweater with a long or short skirt, some trousers, trainers! Anything. & you can pair your fitted sweater with some loose pants, a pencil skirt or again a pair of trousers.


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Okay, but cardigans are so cute, you can literally wear them with anything! I don't know why so many people are sleeping on them. So many of my friends complain about being too cold in t-shirts & too hot in sweaters, just wear your dang t-shirt & put on a cardigan! Besides it'll give you such a cozy vibe!♡

Teddy bear jackets

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Okay, but these jackets are actually so cute? I don't have one myself, but I could consider it, if I can find the right one (I have seen some pictures of them in light grey & am now in love!♡). The teddy bear jacket is good for keeping you warm & with me living in a Scandinavian country, I definitely need it. It's starting to get a bit cold, like the highest temperature this week have been 7-9 degrees Celsius, so yeah...
So, that were it for todays article! Now you are hopefully more prepared for autumn & it's colder weather.♡
Also remember your scarves when going out! & maybe even your gloves.
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