I dream of this house.
A house of sun with you and me.
A house where fuzzy sunshine pouring in from these big glass doors will wake us up.
Beyond the glass doors would be this little garden full of tulips and daffodils,
a garden you and I will raise together.
The walls will be of colors you and i would mix together,
We'll paint them with our fingers
and there will we adorn our past and future to be.
I would learn to play piano alongside your violin
and we'll play lullabies together when you would be too tired to sleep.
Together we'll make a place where we'll never fall out of love.
For all i want is this house to be full of memories,
the memories of us laughing and crying and holding onto each other.
And all i want is a place where I'll be your home and you'll be my dream.
- Kriti Singh