Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be back with a new article! I've missed writing articles so much, and haven't been able to because I haven't had a computer for about four months now. But I finally have one and can start writing articles again!
I am going to write about my fall essentials that I, personally, think everyone should have! Fall is my absolut favourite season, it's so cozy, the fashion is amazing, I love the makeup, and just the thought of hot chocolate, like yes please!

So, without further ado, let's get into this article!


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An oversized cozy sweater while it's raining and cold outside is one of the best things during fall. Puting on a sweater and feeling so comfy, warm and stylish at the same time is just amazing! Sweaters also come in so many different models, colors and fabrics, so there are a lot to chose from.

Scented candles

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Scented candles that smell like leaves, pumpkins and fresh sents set the fall mood so perfectly. They are pretty as decorations, they're calming and they smell so good!


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Of course we can't forget about boots! There are so many different styles and outfits to wear them with, they also give off such fall vibes. Though I wear mine almost year round, haha!

Fairy lights

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Fairy lights are so pretty and really cozy to have in your room when it's dark and rainy outside!

Fall makeup

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Fall makeup is my absolute favourite season for makeup, the colors are so pretty! I love all warm tones like browns, oranges and reds.

Warm drinks

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Tea and hot chocolate are one of the most essential things during fall. It's so relaxing to cozy up in a blanket and watch a movie or go on Weheartit with a hot drink when it's cold and dark outside.


book, coffee, and autumn image book, good, and waffles image

A good book is definitely a fall essential. Well, it's an essential all year round... But it's extra important during fall! A bunch of blankets and pillows with some hot chocolate and a good book is absolute fall goals!

Those are all of my important fall essentials! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
Until next time <3