Hello lovezzz
I will write down some facts about meโ€ฆ So let's start
1. I'm a girl(first of all lol)
2. I'm from Armenia
3. I'm 17 y/o, soon to be 18
4. I have middle length hair
5. My favorite color is blue๐Ÿ’™

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6. My hobbies are listening to music, reading and cooking
7. I'm a dog person๐Ÿถ
8. I like snowy weather, so my fav season is the winter โ„
9. My favorite TV Show is 'Once Upon A Time' (Supernatural is the second one)
10. My favorite kdrama is 'Strong woman Do Bong Soon'
11. My favorite author of all times is Agatha Christie
12. I LOVE roses

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13. I'm a Kpoper and my fav band is BTSโ™ก
14. I'm also a Selenator
14. I don't like seafood
15. I bite my icecream instead of licking it
16. My favorite fruits are bananas and peaches

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17. I'm fluent in 3 languages(Armenian, Russian and English)
18. I'm learning Korean and Spanish
19. I prefer hamburgers over pizzas
20. I improved my English through Fanfictions

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22. My fav brand is Chanel
23. I haven't pierced my ears and I'm not gonna do it
24. I prefer dusk over dawn
25. The first social media I've been registered to was Twitter
26. My insta acc is @yourfavmuffin
27. I have a bullet Journal
28. I like tea ๐Ÿต
29. Besides dogs I also love Pandas
30. I absolutely love and appreciate each one of you thank you so much

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thank you sm for reading this. I love y'all