Hi everyone!
Today I woke up and felt like writing an article. So here I am- sitting in front of my laptop, listening to Khalid songs in the background.

I've decided to share some of my favourite Instagram bloggers with you. During the past weeks, I've been obsessed with refreshing my feed with fashion and lifestyle pictures.

Marie von Behrens (@mvb)

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Marie keeps it classic. Her closet is made of denim mom jeans, Chanel bags and leather jackets. Follow along her journey of travelling to NYC, Copenhagen and more!

Emma Hill (@emmahill)

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London girl Emma Hill finds the next fashion trends before anyone else. Check out her Youtube channel for hauls, vlogs and strict handbag reviews.

Kristin Rödin (@kristin_rodin)

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Swedish Kristin Rödin recently married her boyfriend in the most beautiful way - that's just one reason to check her out. She designed a fashion collection with NA-KD which is super affordable.

Josefine H. J (@josefinehj)

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Josefine's aesthetic feed of architecture, luxury outfits and places makes you want to scroll through her photos all day long. Seriously, she makes empty coffee cups look aesthetic.

Amanda London (@amandallondon)

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Amanda London is probably the most underrated girl here. She posts stylish outfits, delicious food & drinks and interior - what else do you need? Definitely give her Instagram feed a look.

That's it for today. I hope you all find some inspiration for new girls to follow on Instagram. Check out my bloggers collection for more!

Love, Hannah