Hey there, Welcome on my We heart it. Today's article will be things to do in fall. I have in plan write a lot of articles in October so I hope I'll write them.

Watching movies and tv shows

Every fall I watching a lot of scary movies and tv shows. So, I couldn't wait for October because there will be new episodes and tv shows.

(I'm going to write another article where will be my favorite movies in fall so, i won't write them here)

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Bake a pie

I've never had a pumpkin pie so I hope that this fall I'm gonna make it.

  • Pumpkin pie
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  • Apple pie
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Light some candles

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Make or buy some hot chocolate, coffee or tea

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Read a book and edit your bullet journal

If you're not writing bullet journal, you should start with it because it's pretty fun and you have everything in journal.

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Build a fort

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I hope you enjoy this article and have a nice day!
See you in following article.
Kisses, Nela

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