I will be making aesthetic of each of my best friend's including me. All credits go to @thegirlwhosalive


girl image coffee, drink, and cafe image Image by angie. Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
Joy loves music, reading and shopping. She's also a big fan of sweets and pizza. Joy is a social butterfly and way too nice at times, she gets taken for granted a lot. Yet she will never let you down, unless she's with her boyfriend.


makeup, beautiful, and girl image puppy, dog, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image purple, minimalist, and aesthetic image outfit, fashion, and kfashion image brands, love, and gamer image
Mia is very shy and sweet. Mia loves video games and animals. She's an amazing student, but she doesn't like when people praise her fot it. Mia is way too nice to insult someone, but when you get to know her she can be very bold at times.


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Vanessa loves music, drawing and cars. Vanessa is somewhat shy and social. She is an amazing student, but like Mia doesn't like to be praised.

MARIE (me)

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I love reading, writing, watching tv shows and movies, i also love makeup. I'm fairly shy, but very opinionated. I like to use my voice to make people be aware of how the world is. I don't really show much affection in real life, but when someone is sad or not feeling well I will be there for them.