Hey pumpkin heads. It's me, ya boi and today I'll be listing some kinda basic stuff that you could be for Halloween!

1. Spooky scary skeleton

aesthetic and Halloween image autumn, black, and death image

Skeletons are cool. Plus, it'll be fun to wear your insides on the outside lololol.

2. Grim Reaper

black and white, funny, and meme image gif, death, and cartoon image

Sexy, ain't he? I would totally bang the grim reaper tbh, He seems cooooool. Plus, you could probably scare some old people but don't tell the cops I gave you that idea.

3. Cat

idiot, cat, and gif image love, cat, and heart image

Cats were one of the first things people would go as for halloween and it's been around for a while so don't be afraid to switch things up! You could be a basic cat, a kinky cat, a slutty/sexy cat and SO MUCH MORE!!

4. Demon // devil

demon, Devil, and Halloween image simpsons, Devil, and homer image

Idk they look really cool if you could pull it off. Plus you could be a smexy demon or (my favourite) a super scary demon!


bats, black, and Darkness image cartoon, magic, and the simpsons image

Witches can be bitches but that's why we love em. plus they look really lit and gots magic.

I'm sorry this was so short lol I was on a time crunch.
I hope you enjoyed this! Have a good one!

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