Real name: Angela Garcia

Superhero name: Peace Commander (Angie)

Age: 18

Identity status: secret (only close people know)

Raised and born in:

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New York - The city of lights

Background Story:

The Garcia family had power all over the WORLD. They were known for doing and pursuing the good, eliminating all the evil people.
All of them , in the family, had their own " speciality power " that made them who they are. On the day when Angela was born, the world was amazed and the news flew by - A beautifull and majestic girl, but MOSTLY POWERFULL, was born. She combined the most specialities powers in the family, and the plus one was : she could fly. She had angel wings.

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She was dangerous for the evil people, only with the news of her birth people already rumored that she could save the world from ALL evil. That's why they all came together against Garcia Family. They killed every last of them, but no, not Angela. Her mother, Grace, launched a protector and invisible bubble on her, giving her protection of all things that could be thrown at her and giving her the ability to stay invisible, all this for 24 hours.

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Angela mother, Grace, sent a telepathic message to her bestfriend, May Parker, aunt to Peter Parker, spider man, to go get her baby and raise as their own. Angela and Peter, were the same age so May decided to create an alibi : to tell that angela and peter were fake twins.

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The three of them were the real definition of ohana.

Angela Appearance

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Angela Style

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Angie Costume

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White silk jumpsuit and a gold mascara. Her weapon is a gold arrow.


Besides from saving the world , Angela is a senior in high school, alongside Peter, her bestfriend and fake twin. She's a ballet teacher too, and sometimes she enters competitions.

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She has many like telephaty, invisibility and force field ( she got it from her moma ), telekinesis, healing and intangibility (to pass through solid walls without harm) (from her dad ). But her own are unique : Flying (Angel Wings) and Fire control (got it from the house fire , maybe ? ). The last one she discovered in high school, when she got really angry and caused a fire and an explosion in the chemistry classroom. Only Peter could calm her down. Gladly they were in the chemistry room so everyone thought it was an experience mistake.

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Every last one that killed her family, they were ruled by Trump, so kill the master and the puppets will eventually die too.

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Friends / Affiliations

There is no better help than the friends one, so all superheroes from marvel decided to come together to destroy trump and his puppets,not only for the Garcia Family ( that was the number one in superheroes ) but for a better world. And well , maybe because Angela is a cutie pie and super friendly and quickly everyone loved her. Specially Captain America, that was the one who convinced everyone in Marvel to join.

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Love interest

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