Sticks and stones can break my bones
but words can never hurt me
Oh, how wrong
Words can cut deeper and fester
longer than any knife known to a human
All those words getting deep in
trying to blow them out
But what does all that mean?
You want me to be a slave
in this fucked up society
Telling me who to be, what to say
or what to wear
You`re trying to cover my eyes
telling everything's alright
It`s coming like a flood
But how can you say that when just a minute ago
there was a woman on my door
begging for a money for food
The murder, stealing and lies
but darkness came first, then light
And this society doesn`t have to die to be saved
just need to have our eyes opened, rearranged
It puts the label on everyone
the rich, poor, black, white, children and adults
But freedom and community
is equal to no one
We can yell, write, fight until we reach the blossom bottoms
but the truth is
Houston, we have so many problems

The poem wrote by gc

Thank you