I’ve done a previous article on underrated music artists but I thought I should do another one. I love discovering new artists or songs so here are some ones you should check out!


bazzi image bazzi and andrew bazzi image

Genre: pop, hip hop, R&B
Similar to: Liam Payne, Khalid
Recommended songs: Honest, Beautiful, Star, Why


bass, guitar, and lights image aesthetic, alternative, and dark image

Genre: pop, alternative, indie pop
Similar to: The 1975, Billie Eilish
Recommended songs: I like the way, stupid mistakes, emotion, these are my friends


Lyrics, my edit, and paul klein image paul klein and lany image

Genre: indie pop, alternative
Similar to: The 1975, Khalid
Recommended songs: Thru these tears, super far, 13, if you see her, I don’t wanna love you anymore

The Aces

bands, girls, and music image Image removed

Genre: pop, alternative
Similar to: Little Mix, The Japanese House
Recommended songs: Lovin is bible, Vocanic love, Waiting for you, stuck

Hayley Kiyoko

hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image

Genre: pop, hip hop
Similar to: Zara Larsson, Troye Sivan
Recommened songs: What I need, Curious, Sleepover, Girls like Girls

The Maine

grunge and quotes image band, rock, and the maine image

Genre: pop, rock, alternative
Similar to: All Time Low, 5 seconds of summer
Recommended songs: Bad behaviour, taxi, don’t come down, diet soda society, American candy

Nothing, nowhere

aesthetic, hand, and rap image nothing nowhere, joe mulherin, and emorap image

Genre, hip hop, R&B, rap
Similar to: Blackbear, Post Malone
Recommended songs: hammer, dread, rejecter, better, ruiner

Terror jr

terror jr. image aesthetic, tumblr, and terror jr image

Genre: alternative, electro-pop
Similar to: Billie Eilish, Halsey
Recommended songs: death wish, come first, appreciation, superhero

Pale Waves

alternative, band, and indie image alternative and pale waves image

Genre: pop, rock, alternative
Similar to: The 1975, Paramore
Recommended songs: There’s a honey, drive, when did I lose it all, red, loveless girl

Years and Years

king, song, and years and years image years & years, olly alexander, and mikey goldsworthy image

Genre: pop, dance
Similar to: Troye Sivan, The Chainsmokers
Recommended songs: If you’re over me, king, all for you, preacher, without