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A ~ age

balloons image cake, 19, and birthday image 19, balloon, and birthday image Image removed
♡ 19 ♡

B ~ best feature

Temporarily removed lips, aesthetic, and stars image

C ~ colors

dark, lights, and october image girl, blue, and night image alternative, art, and balloon image Image by Blippy
purple & blue

D ~ Dream

camera, follow, and like image book, travel, and rain image travel, girl, and venice image travel, mountains, and photography image
travel the world

E ~ everything starts with

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed food, fruit, and breakfast image books, coffee, and college image
playing with my cat, coffee, breakfast and studying

F ~ favorite artist

badass, billie eilish, and music girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It billie eilish, yellow, and billie image billie eilish image
do I need to say more? BILLIE EILISH

G ~ greatest accomplishment

graduation image
graduating and getting in my dream university

H ~ hobbies

Image removed книга, вода, and море image art, rose, and beautiful image book, sun, and reading image
drawing and reading

I ~ in love with

netflix, coffee, and article image autumn, coffee, and fall image pink, music, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and beige image
netflix, coffee, music, books

J ~ job of my dreams

quotes, write, and words image
being a writer

K ~ kids

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
yes, I do want kids in the future

L ~ least favorite quality

overthinking and quotes image city, girl, and night image blue, caring, and cloud image caring, depression, and feelings image
I care too much and I overthink

M ~ movie

noah centineo, lana condor, and lara jean image all, have, and loved image noah centineo, peter kavinsky, and boy image peter kavinsky, noah centineo, and lana condor image
To All The Boys I've Loved Before

N ~ nationality

castle, romania, and travel image Image removed
I am Romanian. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my country

O ~ one favorite song

I can't choose

P ~ personality

love, anime, and quotes image Mature image quotes, girl, and aesthetic image quotes, book, and strong image

Q ~ questions I always ask

life, princess diaries, and disney image skins, cassie, and quotes image domino, keira knightley, and movie scene image

R ~ reason to smile

cat, cute, and animal image flowers, pink, and rose image friends, friendship, and summer image Image removed
my cats, flowers, my friends and my boyfriend

S ~ sexuality

girlfriend, romance, and tumblr image Image removed love, couple, and coffee image couple, riverdale, and camila mendes image

T ~ time I wake up

coffee, sun, and sunset image aesthetic, city, and outdoor image Image removed mountains, girl, and view image
around 7am when I go to university and 10am on weekends

U ~ underwear

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Nikoletta
black and/or lacy

V ~ vacation spot

paradise, travel, and bora bora image autumn, beautiful, and clouds image summer, travel, and beach image beach, bora bora, and sea image
Bora Bora

W ~ worst habit

art, planet, and black image quotes, love, and life image

X ~ x-rays I've had

teeth, arm and ankle. I didn't broke any bones though :))

Y ~ your favorite drink

camera, coffee, and frappuccino image coffee, drink, and tumblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cafe, caramel, and coffee image
iced coffee

Z ~ zodiac

constellation, virgo, and black image astrology, funny, and virgo image Image removed Image removed

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