1. late nights convos

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2. positive people

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i love those people who are like sunshine. who'll never fail to cheer you up and make your day.

3. music

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4. writing

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i love to spill my thoughts onto a sheet of paper at 2 a.m. when everyone's asleep, but my mind's wide awake and restless

5. books

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i just love to read books! i know i've talked about my love for books in many of my other articles but i just can't stop obsessing over them :')


1. judgmental people

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2. forced convos

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3. early morning

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lol i know it's a weird thing to dislike but i'm just not an early bird, i'm a night owl. i love it when everyone's asleep, it's dark and i'm wide awake.

4. too loud people

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5. people who show-off

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