Welcome back beautiful and talented hearters.Today's article is all about beautiful and meaningful Greek words.I am also going to write the pronunciation of each word as well as the meaning.

As i wrote on my last article,i am going to mention my favourite product,book,movie etc. from the past week.So,this week's recommendation is the series Grey's Anatomy.Let's be honest it is one of the best serie that have ever filmed!!

Without further do,let's get started it...

★ Μεράκι/Meraki

Thiw word is one of my favourite ones,because it means that you love and enjoy what you do.Basically,it also refers to how passionaye you are for something that you create!!!

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★ Φιλόκαλη/Philocaly

One more beautiful and meangful word which means that someone loves the beauty and the good.In the ancient Greece philocaly meant that someone loves the honours the respect.

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★ Εύνοια/Eunoia

Another beautiful word is eunoia.The translation of this word is a well and balanced mind which displays kindness and goodwill.

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★ Αβουλiα/Abulia

In comparison to the words that i mentioned before,this word doesn't have such a positive meaning.By this i mean that it means that an individual doesn't have the ability to make decisions for himself.

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