favorite movies

mulan image header and psd image tangled, rapunzel, and disney image Image removed
mulan, zootopia, tangled, coco

favorite characters

rapunzel, disney, and tangled image mulan, disney, and princess image wallpaper, disney, and zootopia image disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image
rapunzel, mulan, judy hopps, belle

favorite sidekicks

disney, frozen, and olaf image Mature image tangled, disney, and pascal image beauty and the beast, lumiere, and cogsworth image
olaf, mushu, pascal, lumiere & cogsworth

favorite princesses

mulan image beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image disney, rapunzel, and tangled image Image by Reem🌻
mulan, belle, rapunzel, anna

favorite disney princes

tangled and disney image disney, mulan, and li shang image

favorite non-princess heroine

Image removed couple, happy, and lions image
judy hopps and nala

favorite pixar movies

Image by Paola Chaparro Image by Karo
inside out & coco

favorite songs

disney, icon, and mulan image Mature image disney, gif, and tangled image moana, disney, and princess image
reflection, i'll make a man out of you, see the light, how far i'll go

saddest moment

disney, big hero 6, and baymax image movie, quote, and inside out image disney and mulan image simba, disney, and the lion king image
baymax left behind, bing bong's sacrifice, mulan exposed, mufasa's death

favorite villians

disney, tangled, and gothel image bad, black, and lion image Angelina Jolie, maleficent, and disney image little mermaid, ursula, and disney image
gothel, scar, maleficent, ursula

movie that needs more appreciation

mulan image mulan, disney, and wallpaper image
no one i know talks about her

favorite animal

disney, pascal, and tangled image disney, pascal, and tangled image

best kiss

couple, heart, and kiss image tangled, kiss, and disney image
my otps

best soundtrack

mulan image mulan 2 image

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