Weekend is here and I had a lot of plan, but...
I wanted go out and running or do workout. I wanted start new day with healthy breakfast and I felt how much my body needed a detox.
But instead my family went to grandmother house, because we were celebrating.
- 6 hours of eating and talking about news - It was horrible!
I felt so tired and heavy.
,,This mmm delisious! You must taste it. It is so yumy! And this, and this...'' Again and again
But, I didn't want it. ,,Please stop give me sweets, desserts, coffee, snacks,...I feel so crowded.''
I didn't want upset my grandmother, becauce I knew how much she worked on it. She is very a great cook, but her food isn't very heatlhy.
I don't want to be thankful. I just want to eat without suger, allergic milk or white flour. My body needs only a balanced food - light and full od nutrition. And this celebrations is so hard to me.
Every time, when I want to keep a diet, I tell about it my family. Why I think it is good for my body, why I have reason and why I want to change my life, my habits. But they never accept it.
They like this un heathly old life, and I don't understand it. Health is most important, so why don't everything to styl healthy?
Eat ned drink well - it is the basis happy fit life

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