Hello, heartiiies.
It's been a while and I have to say so much happened in my life and I watched so much Netflix, that's why I am doing this article about my favorite shows on Netflix I want to recommend to you.

Thank you to all here on we heart it who support me all time <3
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my favorite characters and a great article from @Alienlooks

the classic

  • La casa de papel

It's a crime show and I really like this kind of tricky ones and well-prepared series but first I didn't want to start it on my own when my sister said it was good then I watched it too and ask her all the time if they make it.
You immediately love all the characters bc they are charming and sooo different.
I hope that a third season is on the way.

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the insider

  • Queen in the south

I watched the first season like a drug and I am happy that there is a second and third season which I was waiting a long time to come to Netflix. It's most likely a drama series but for me, it's with an undefined genre. A story following a woman in a drug cartel and how she become from a "dishwasher" to a "millionaire". I really like the character from Teresa bc she is strong and a real survivor.

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This guy is super hot and on top of the best characters of this show.

the best one

  • Dynasty

So surprising twists in the series, nothing to add- it is the best show and the end was so shocking and leave you with so many questions behind. In this one season happened more than in four seasons from another series. The only bad things are the dresses from Fallon. lol

the+new+legends+of+monkey image
the+new+legends+of+monkey and the new legend of monkey image the new legends of monkey image
The actress really shaved her head for this role- so impressed.

the different one

  • The New Legends of Monkey

The effects are miserable sometimes and I will rate it more for younger kids but it is interesting and worth a look. The world it took place looks awesome like in old China and the demons are cool and how the main character change through the season is perfect for kids. For me, the story was a little short and they could go deeper into this Fantasy world with the demons.

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the teenager drama

  • Greenhouse academy

It took me so long until I started to watch it bc Netflix never give up to recommend it to me.
But I always was like: no it will be really boring and only for kids.
So it exposes as a teenage-drama series which I liked bc of my boarding school time, it turns into a sort of crime/mystery series, in my childhood were a lot of this kind of shows so I liked it even more. From the first episode, you have a harry potter feeling because the academy is separated into two groups which are rivals.
Some characters are miscast for me and the big mystery is much more hyped than it should but there could be another season so I am excited which way it goes to.

Here is my Netflix collection:

The next part is coming soon, hope you read it and found some new series.
Thank you to all the beautiful pictures which inspire me all time.