Hi Hearters !

Today I wanted to write a different article. This is not a "how to study" kind of article, but more about how to survive. University is harsh. When you arrive, you know very few people. You don't understand the lessons as quick as you did in secondary school. You're lost.

So here are a few tips to survive this time of your life, and to make it better.

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Treat yourself

For this point, I really want you to get me : treating yourself does not mean staing in bed instead of going to school because "you don't really want to". Treating yourself means wear clothes you're comfortable in, eat something you like, put some make-up on only if you want to.

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Muffins are my favorite thing right now.

To sum up : reward yourself from getting up, and enjoy the moment.

Meet new people... Give it a try !

OK, I'm studying in a quiet friendly place, which means that I can basically talk to anyone, for no particular reason, without being rejected. That does not mean I will become best friend with the person I'm talking to, but you never know, right ?

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I met two of my university friends just by asking them a simple question such as "Is this chair free ?" And I met plenty of other people this way. It doesn't matter if you see them again or not. It is better, but you're not obliged. And if they reject you, their lost ! It tells more about them than about you.

Do no make university your entire life

University is important, kids stay in school, etc. But if your whole life revolves around your grades, your classes, your homeworks, etc, you won't breath anymore.

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Just having a hobby, a passion, an activity can help you cpe with the "negative effects" of university : stress, anxiety, tiredness. It seems really simple, but I can assure you that you can easily be so focused on school that you forget the other parts of your life.

Surround yourself with positive people

It should be a life motto, actually. More precise tips :

  • Spend time with your family, even if it's just eating yogether, or coming home for Christmas.
  • Hang out with people "like you". Aka if you're like me and you want to have fun but also hang out with funny, chill people, find them.
  • Avoid people who gossip, put down others, talk behind your back, etc.

Your health is the most precious thing you own

I'm talking as well about your mental as your physical health. I still think it's a topic we do not talk about that much in Belgium, and it should not be a taboo. I said earlier that you should not stay in bed because you don't have the motivation, but if you really feel like you cannot cope with the world today, then there is a problem.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor or a therapist if you think that you need to. You do not have this impression for no reason.

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Here it is ! I hope you enjoyed this article, and that i might help some of you.

XOXO, Ems.