A is for Age

20, alchohol, and friendship image
I am 20 years old

B is for Best Feature

makeup, eyes, and beauty image back, butt, and muscles image
My best features are my eyebrows and butt

C is for color

escalator, aesthetic, and grunge image home, light, and bedroom image pink, neon, and light image pink, aesthetic, and quotes image
Favorite color is salmon pink or light pink

D is for Desire

lipstick, tyrabanks, and jasmean image blonde, curly hair, and glow image austin mcbroom, catherine paiz, and elle mcbroom image ken, black love, and love image
Desire to be a famous youtuber one day

E is for Everyday begins with

bed, girl, and morning image Image by けそ bed, girl, and morning image fitness, grey, and girl image
Every morning i stretch and check my phone

F is for Flower

art, beautiful, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Pink Roses

G is for Greatest Accomplishment

Image removed Image by White.😈 Diamond
completed high school did some college and now has a car

H is for house

autumn, cozy, and fall image autumn, book, and candle image
The smell of my house

I is for In Love with

Image by moodboard girl, relationship goals, and guy image
My boyfriend

J is for Job

Temporarily removed Image by Mika
To become a model

K is for Kids

baby, cute, and child image baby, girl, and mixed image
I want at least one baby that's my and six that are adopted

L is for Least Favorite Quality

blue eyes, boy, and acne image beauty and skin care image
The bags under my eyes

M is for Movie

castle, disney castle, and disney princess image
Temptation and Hercules

N is for Nationality

america, blue, and flag image american flag, art, and astronaut image
I am American

O is for One of my Favorite Songs

kyle, musician, and rap image bae, king, and kyle image
Favorite song is Ikuyo by Kyle

P is for Pet

boxer, dog, and cute image animals, boxer, and dog image
My boxer name baby

Q is for Questions I Ask

Why do i have to do it?
What you say?
Why me?

R is for Reason to Smile

Image by Q best friends, french, and hair image
Family and Friends

S is for Sexuality

disney, tarzan, and jane image couple, love, and Relationship image

T is for TV Shows

american horror story, ahs, and emma roberts image david, emma, and prince charming image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Dee Dee, dexters laboratory, and 90s image
American Horror Story, Once upond a time, We bare bares, and Dexter Laboratory

U is for Underwater

Copyrighted image aquarium, beautiful, and mallorca image

V is for Vacation

summer, travel, and beach image bora bora, beach, and sea image
Bora Bora

W is for Worst Habit

vampire, blood, and red image blood, fb, and fingers image
Bitting my Lips

X is for x-ray

Image by Xavia Abusive image
Never had one

Y is for Your Favorite Drink

Temporarily removed amazing, lovely, and pink starbucks image
Pink Drink

Z is for Zodiac Sign

astrology, pisces, and sign image artist, horoscope, and pisces image pisces and wallpapers pisces image artist, funny, and horoscope image

-Princesa Majano