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Hello guys! I was thinking to do this because it's october, almost halloween and because i'm really into Tim burton (and of course Johnny Depp) at the moment 🍁

Favorite Tim Burton Movies:

johnny depp and sleepy hollow image love, quotes, and corpse bride image johnny depp image dark shadows, johnny depp, and movie image
Sleepy hollow, Corpse bride, Charlie and the chocolate factory and Dark shadows

Favorite Tim Burton characters (heroines):

90s, winona ryder, and edward scissorhands image Image by Michaela eva green and dark shadows image stoned, funny, and movie image
Kim Boggs, Miss Peregrine, Angelique Bouchard, Carolyn Stoddard

Favorite Tim Burton characters (heroes):

Image removed johnny depp, sweeney todd, and gif image corpse bride, tim burton, and black and white image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd, Bonejangles and headless horseman

Favorite Tim Burton movies soundtracks:

autumn, dark, and fall image quotes, friends, and love image corpse bride, tim burton, and piano image 90s, johnny depp, and screencaps image
jack's lament, jack and sally's song, victor's piano solo, Edward Scissorhands: ice dance and storytime

Thank you for watching!

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image