hi everyone!
I've been wanted to wright an article and looking for a chance to do and now here I'm :)
So as you know most of us hate the school or it might be the people in it but whatever lol
I love learning new things but I hate the school and I have never been a very hardworking student my entire life
And not planning to be one this year actually.
I do what I can and finish my lessons with good or bad.
But the thing is I want to avoid from 9 headed monkeys in our school. That is the name I gave to the populars and some stupid teachers.
So if you are just like me, there are some tips for you!

Lifesaver; Playlist

When I'm on my way to school I listen lots of music and actually I listen to music all the time.
But beyond that the point is discovering new stuff. Discover some new music and new artist than put them all in a row and there you have a nice playlist!

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Very Nice And Hot Company

I love coffee and I take my own in a thermos to school. They sell it on the school cafeteria but what they give is doesn't very taste like coffee ugh
I'm good with my thermos.

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Buy A New Notebook

But not like a regular one. Something that only for yourself and use it as you want. I'm using mine when I get bored in the school. I write down song lyrics, sometimes I draw stuff in it and sometimes I write down things from the lessons.

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Keep your relationship with the oldies!
But be careful if you want to have some new people and new friendships. Choose them well :)
And... try not to hit on someone lol
Or just forget it, love someone. That makes everything even more bearable because you'll find yourself smiling over stupid things :)

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That's all from me for now. See you on somewhere and sometime :)
Have a nice weekend!