lil introduction

music is a HUGE part of my life, it always has been. but more recently, as in within the past year or so, it's become even more important to me. in case you haven't seen my header on here it says "you only hear the music when your heart begins to break" and it's legit lol. there was a point last year where music was kind of all i had to turn to for comfort and ever since then i haven't been able to go anywhere without my earbuds and i've discovered so many amazing artists. so, all that being said, this is a HELLA long list of songs by various artists that are either sad or just ones that might get you in your feels. enjoy!

LANY (sad/feels)

i actually discovered this band because of my ex lol. Anyway, they're extremely underrated and I'm just waiting for them to blow up. I definitely recommend you listen to like, all of their songs but these are the sad ones that like to attack me emotionally lol. (especially the 1st one). but if you aren't really sad they have a handful of songs that aren't sad but they're still pretty and mellow.
1. Malibu Nights
2. Thick and Thin
3. I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore
4. If You See Her
5. Thru These Tears
6. Valentine's Day
7. Run
8. Hurts
9. The Breakup
10. It Was Love
11. I Don't Care

Lauv (feels)

ughh i love lauv so much. you probably know his popular song I Like Me Better, but he has soooo many more songs that are like... kinda boppin but also make you feel somethin. some of these are cute songs, some are just like hell ya i felt that.
1. Paris in the Rain
2. The Other
3. Reforget
4. Enemies
5. Come Back Home
6. The Story Never Ends
7. Breathe
8. Getting Over You
9. Never Not

Niall Horan (feels)

now, i haven't listened to him much recently but he does have some really good songs.
1. Too Much To Ask
2. This Town
3. Mirrors
4. Paper Houses
5. Flicker
6. Fire Away

other: feels

these are just some other songs by various artists that are really good.

1. Hard (Why Don't We)
2. In Too Deep (Why Don't We)
3. 8 Letters (Why Don't We)
4. Up All Night (Charlie Puth)
5. Dangerously (Charlie Puth)
6. I Don't Wanna Know (Charlie Puth)
7. Through It All (Charlie Puth)
8. Patient (Charlie Puth)
9. Saved (Khalid)
10. Coaster (Khalid)
11. Amnesia (5 SOS)
12. Ghost of You (5 SOS)
13. Happier (Ed Sheeran)
14. Get It Right (Glee Cast)
15. Consequences (Camila Cabello)
16. Something's Gotta Give (Camila Cabello)
17. Out Loud (Gabbie Hanna)

other: sad/breakup playlist

okay for this one i'm pulling directly from my 11 hour long extremely depressing playlist that i started making right after my breakup. be careful here lmao
1. Breathe (Taylor Swift)
2. Last Kiss (Taylor Swift)
3. If This is Love (Ruth B)
4. i can't breathe (Bea Miller)
5. Miss You Love (Maria Mena)
6. If By Chance (Ruth B)
7.Growing Pains (Maria Mena)
8. Six Feet Under (Billie Eilish)
9. Just Hold Me (Maria Mena)
10. Haunted- Acoustic Version (Taylor Swift)
11. She Used To Be Mine (Sara Bareilies)
12. River Of Tears (Alessia Cara)
13. I Have Questions (Camila Cabello)
14. Because of You (Kelly Clarkson)
15. I Never Told You (Colbie Cailat)
16. Sorry (Halsey)
17. Do You Miss Me at All (Bridget Mendler)
18. Paralyzed (NF)
19. Sad Song (We The Kings)
20. I Don't Wanna See You With Her (Maria Mena)
21. Fix a Heart (Demi Lovato)
22. Already Gone (Sleeping At Last)
23. You're Not Sorry (Taylor Swift)
24. Forever & Always- Piano Version (Taylor Swift)
25. Scared to Be Lonely (Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa)
26. You Don't Know (Katelyn Tarver)
27. Boys Like You (Anna Clendening)
28. Bend till I Break (Maria Mena)

oh heck guys i wasn't expecting to make it this long BUT i hope i helped? more recently i've mainly been listening to LANY and Lauv in addition to my boppin music. (I'll be writing a separate article on those). But anyway, obviously you don't have to listen to all of these but just pick and choose here and there and if you want, DM me and let me know whatcha think:)

- kels

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