For now, honestly it makes me scared.
I will officially a bachelor degree 3 days from now. My parent will come tomorrow. And everything is done being prepared. I am a first child of my family. My mom is a teacher. She went to a teacher school and got a job as a teacher after that. She got her degree when I was 9 years old. My dad was never going to collages. He runs a small restaurant in my hometown. So I have no idea about how to get a job after collage.
I feel like I have prepared everything. I got a good GPA. I made a good resume, cover letter, and the portfolio. I join an event as a volunteer I got my internship, and so on. And now I am a fresh graduate majoring in Communication Science, Journalism and mass media. I thought that, okay I want to work in a media. I want to be a writer or maybe creative. I can work at television, newspaper, radio, news office, or production house. But it is not that simple.

I try to find a good place for me. I made account on JobsDB and Linkedin. I apply to all vacancies that I think I can work in. I went to jobs fair event in my town. But the easier you get the information about job vacancies, the easier you get rejected. It goes from, I want to work in big City, maybe Jakarta or Bangkok, in media fields to I just want to get a job. Marketing is okay as long as they need writer or content creator. But still, finding a job is something that I still can’t understand, because, I never pass the interview test. It is my resume? Or is it my portfolio? Or is it because I am not from prestigious university? They just never tell. And I will never know.
And everything is haunting me right now. I am a first child. I am clearly not from a rich family. My father got to pay for my sisters collage fund and my brother is still in high school. He needs money for the tutor after school and so on. So I just want to, at least, maintain my own life. So they can focus on my siblings education. And if I got a good job, maybe I can help them. It is all that I want for now.

But since I didn’t get any job yet, I think that, hey I want to be a writer. And the fact is, writer can work everywhere because they can write everywhere. I can write here, in my we heart it account. I can create a blog and create content. Here is some advice from a jobless person like me. Life after collage is scary. But you will get what you want. If you can’t find a company, create one.