To leave or to not to leave, that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler to feel used but feel bliss at the same time.
A reflection I am to my parents
I know I’ll disown them, but most importantly my body.
To regret or to feel:
Caught up on this word “love”
What is love? my conscious may ask
The answer is blind to my eyes
I may feel what love is, but that’s not the love I asked for.
I fell in love and he did not, and that is why I regret it
that’s the difference every feminine needs to understand
He’ll never understand me, he’ll never care for me but he will forget me and that’s the agony I feel towards him.
To love him or yourself:
I am beautiful, I am art to others
but I am easy to be played, I go back and replay the tape.
But this time I stopped before pressing play.
This time I burned those tapes.
I am the new Eve that stopped listening to snakes.
I will learn to love myself,
I will learn to keep my pearls hidden, and that day just came.