As days go by,

the smell of the salty sea vanish

just like the sound of the waves singing

welcoming the ones that come 

and singing its goodbyes to the ones that leave.

Just like the sun,

 the sun has no smell but it does have energy.

 Energy to give you hope, 

energy to get up and feed you light.

The beach and the sun are very popular together.

With the energy and the smell, bring the surprises of a happy beginning

but sometimes a grieving ending.

They will listen to you and they will be there for you.

It is a peaceful place,

It is a romantic place,

It is where you listen to your music standing close to the waves.

Letting it hit your feet as the sun is smiling at you, glazing your beautiful soul.

But it is time for you to leave

It is time for you to walk on concrete,

strengthen your legs and build a path.

As the waves are singing goodbye and the sun is saying goodnight.

Both will tell you " till we meet again."