The girl I never met,

Such a beautiful soul she was, so golden with her heavenly smile.

A dancer she was, with her model body.

A soon to be mother was criticized.

Criticized the way she danced,

Criticized for her social media,

Criticized for getting pregnant with the wrong person.

But she never cared, she was brave, she was alone with an angel.

A girl with big dreams, a girl who was excited to meet her newborn.

The girl I never met,

Who called herself Hazel, with hazel eyes and ink in her body.

The girl whose life seemed bliss.

In such instance has passed away.

So unexpected it was,

all this stress, all this agony, all this criticism she suffered

Has left her beautiful angel alone.

Never got to hold him, never got to hear his cries.

But gave up her life for him.

She is a hero to her son, she is a hero to the world.

The angel I never met, will not be forgotten.