✞ it's almost hallowen

by panic! at the disco

scream, funny, and scary movie image are, ghosts, and real image

✞ zombie

by the cranberries

aesthetic and pray image ghost, hand, and hands image

✞ thriller

by michael jackson

album, art, and dancer image michael jackson, thriller, and king of pop image

✞ out of body

by gorillaz

girl, ♡♡, and alternative image aesthetic, black, and blue image

✞ black magic

by little mix

american horror story, coven, and ahs image aesthetic, creepy, and goth image

✞ the monster

by rhianna and eminem

creepy, fog, and grunge image creepy, dark, and ghost image

✞ calling all the monsters

by china ann mcclain

ghost image ouija, grunge, and aesthetic image

✞ tag you're it

by melanie martinez

Psycho, grunge, and red image brick and film image

✞ pumped up kicks

by foster the people

massacre, aesthetic, and columbine image blood, boy, and mad image