I wrote a little something. It’s just how I’ve been feeling for a bit.i just wanted to make it into something. Ig this is kinda like a open diary. :)

I don’t know you.
But I’ve seen more things about you since I first saw you.
I feel like I’m on a loop of thinking and wondering about you.
In a loop of feeling crazy, bc I know nothing. But yet still seeing you and feeling like every stars are on you that in the forms of freckles. And how I get happy by seeing your very kind smile. It’s soft, but yet it still stands out in a crowd. How you're eyes are turn this light shade of brown, and i think that it's the kindness in you in you coming out.
I don’t ever feel like this. This instant feeling of want.
Numbers that I see are just on a constant loop ever since I laid my eyes on you
It’s gotten where coincidences just can’t be explained by it.
As the Leaves turn beautiful yellows and oranges, then followed by beautiful snow touching the ground, I hope in between that time they see me like how I see the leaves and snow,that where their beauty is needed in this world.