Hey everyone, Happy Fall and also, Happy October as well ! I can't believe it has been a year since I last posted an article but life gets busy so oops ! But as usual, Fall just inspires me like crazy and really makes me want to be a better person. Fall motivates me to be more creative (hence wanting to write articles to motivate you guys!)

So I hope this article today motivates you all to try new things this Fall and if not, to do some things that you know make you super happy ! Thanks for reading !! :)

1. Go for a Walk

Obviously this had to be the first in the bucketlist because this is my absolute favourite thing to do in the Fall!! Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in my opinion, with all of the leaves changing and the sunny skies with just the hint of crisp air on its way. The perfect sweater weather!

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2. Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

Again, Fall is absolutely gorgeous, and if you are like me and love sunsets and sunrises, you will be shocked at how much more beautiful they are in this season!!

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3. Bake Pillsbury Cookies (or any sweet for that matter)

I love when it starts getting chilly out, I find this is the best time to stay in on rainy days and bake some cookies or treats either alone (you get more to eat that way muahaha) or with loved ones ! :) Try out some new recipes or stick with old trusted ones !

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5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Fall activities are so lovely, and nothing beats a good old fashioned pumpkin patch. Even if it's just a small one, I think they are so cute and fun to go to! Especially on a beautiful sunny Fall day, it sure does get you in the Fall mood :)

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6. Spooky TV Episodes

This is the time of the year to break out those DVDs. find shows on Netflix, and rent movies ! Find some horror movies if that is your thing, or a Harry Potter marathon ! Or my personal favourite; watch the Halloween/Thanksgiving episodes of your fave shows like Friends for example or The Office.

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7. Sweater Weather

If you're going to buy a new sweater, this is the time to do it. I love finding a new cozy, warm, comfy sweater for the Fall time. Sweaters are so practical and there's no excuses not to have a sweater in your closet. A new piece of clothing like a sweater during Fall always puts a smile on my face :)

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8. Read a Book

Again, this is such a wonderful time of year where it gets you in the mood to stay indoors on rainy days and curl up with a good book. But at the same time, on the nice days you can always still go outside and sit out and read on the deck before it gets too cold !

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9. Visit a Fall/Craft Fair

I LOVE fall fairs!! Perfect time to support local and go to a little Fall Fair or a Craft Fair if there are any happening around you. Every year I make sure to go to at least one because they are so cute and fun to go out to. Usually people sell baked goods, or handmade items and it is so lovely to see what everyone has to sell :)

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10. Make a Fort

You are never too old for a cute fort made of blankets and sheets in your bedroom or living room!! Throw on some tunes and spend an evening making the perfect fort. Complete it with tons of comfy pillows, blankets/quilts, and fairy lights. This is the perfect spot to chill out, read, watch Halloween/Thanksgiving episodes of shows, and to relax and enjoy!!

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I hope you guys liked this little article and decide to try any of these things ! I've made a couple more articles last year which I will link my collection of them below. They are both about Fall as well as this one so it is the best time to take a little read through them!! And I will also link my Fall collection which is full of inspirational Fall photos :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day and an even better Fall season :)