I went to Bali for five days (6 nights) and while I definitely had my hopes up, I was a little bit disappointed. However, there were a few things I really did enjoy!

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What I didn't like

  • Traffic

There was so much traffic in Bali! It took us over two hours to travel what would usually be a 30 minutes! Traffic lights in Bali are also taken as a suggestion and so many people tend to ignore them ahaha.

  • Expenses

Bali is surprisingly expensive. Well, paying for experiences (activities) and stuff in the market is alright but department stores are crazy!! We tried to buy an SD card and that nearly costed us $140 AUD!

What I liked

  • People

A lot of people who are working in the tourism industry are so very nice! And they do so many things to make sure you're safe and comfortable. I also make it an objective to say "Hi" to everyone I walk past and I urge you guys to do it too, because the smiles you get are amazing.

  • Activities

While in Bali, we did some pretty amazing things! I highly recommend going to Water Bom water park, The Monkey Forest and snorkelling! Trust me its pretty amazing!

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So many activities are completely worth it and as I mentioned earlier, aren't too expensive!
Have a great day everyone!