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6. Five ways to win your heart.

Good hair

Ugh i fucking LOVE hair. ew that might seem weird but i really do. i mean soft, silky hair on a guy is just great, people say that some guys don't take care of themselves enough as much as women do, but some guys actually do. i've seen a few guys with such good hair, my past crushes have had rlly good hair lmao

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Good taste in music

so music is one of my favourite things in the world, and a guy who has the same taste in music as me is a winwin. a guy who has shitty music taste is yuck, i couldn't stand to sit and listen t bad music.

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a good fashion sense

a guy with really good fashion sense, particularly in my sense YES. a guy with good fashion shows how that guys personality is. and fashion is one of my top priorities, depends on who the guy is, if i really like the guy, fashion doesn't matter.

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good sense of humor

a guy who i can laugh with all the time and have a good sense of humor is what i love. a guy who can laugh at anything and not take things in offense is brilliant. i can't stand to be with a guy who doesn't have a sense of humor or doesn't like jokes and so forth.

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strong, emotionally and physically

having a guy who can take on anything is always a must have on a guy, maybe not a too dominant guy but having a strong man is good. a guy can have emotion yes, but i don't want him to be a wimp and run away from things. a guy whose a crybaby no thank you. but i also want him to be a softie as well, loving and affectionate.

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