When we were young, We were told to reach for the clouds and reach for the stars above the clouds.
We taught each other to love before we even knew what it was.

I remember asking questions to each other in the sand and ending up never answering them because we would get too distracted by the ocean.

I remember, crying from the stress of my day and you coming over with that stupid blink 182 CD. And honestly, it began to grow on me.

But the one thing I remember about you is you always listened, you always cared.

I cared, but never listened. I sang along to "I miss you" by Blink 182. I always asked the questions and you always answered in short.

I remember looking out at the ocean, looking at the ships and the clouds swirled above us, looking like it was going to rain, and rain hard.

I remember when you cried for your parents, I was there for your shoulder to cry on.

I remember that I couldn't be there when you needed me the most.
I remember the tears I shed for you and your family.
That was the first time, in a very, very long time, I cried and you weren't there.
That was the first time I saw your mean sister cry.
I remember, when I got home that day, I listened to your favorite CD.
And I will always remember, that I miss you.